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So I got all the Antarctic pictures up that I am planning on doing!  That means I am pretty much caught up!  I have been taking some pictures of some bugs and frogs that I have seen on my night collecting trips but I think I will wait a few days before posting them.  

I don't want to fill this gallary up but I would prefer to keep it more of my sort of "best of" so that people don't feel daunted by the sheer quantity of pictures.  Considering I have about 9,000 pictures on my computer and over 1,000 posted on my lj account ... "daunted" isn't a rare emotion when thinking about sorting through them.

I might go back at some point and erase some of the pictures on here as I add more and get better at using my cameras.  We shall see.

For now - thanks again for all the nice comments and :+fav:'s!  I hope you enjoyed what I have posted thus far.  I am thrilled and flattered at the reception I have gotten on this site.  There are a few of you I already view as friends from our conversations through comments.
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Okay, so I am done with all my trips except Antarctica.  There were a few more pictures than I remembered that were "good enough" from Namibia.  I hope everyone enjoys them and those "watching" me don't feel too overwhelmed with the notices.  

I should get Antarctica all uploaded at some point over this weekend.  I think there are around 40 pictures I plan on putting up from that trip.

Thank you everyone for the comments and the :+fav:'s!  It has really touched me that you enjoy my work.
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Okay, I have uploaded most of the local pictures that I have on file and wanted to share.  I am also done with all the pictures from the Galapagos (still have a couple from Ecuador proper) and Peru that are going up.  

I still need to go through my Antarctic, Namib, and Trinidad pics though.  There shouldn't be many from Namib or Trinidad because I don't think a great deal of them turned out on the level of what I am willing to post.  If you ever are interested in seeing more pics from some of my trips feel free to visit my gallary at Livejournal (…) where I post them in more of a story form rather than just the "best" and artistic ones.